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Our Brand Story: Krafti Pop Cosmetics

Losing our sister to domestic violence in 2017 sparked the flame to advocate for the safety of women worldwide - through public awareness. Getting trapped in abusive relationships are real. We at Krafti Pop Cosmetics understands how others feel under these conditions. You are not alone. We are on a mission to bring out the hidden beauty in women and advocate for a safe world together. Unconditional love is our message; Fashion and style is our medium. 

Women are fragile and beautiful entities that need to be handled with social care and treatment. Although it is a man's world, humanity cannot survive without women!

One common attribute about domestic violence is that it cuts across all races, colors and creed. Hence, we are open-minded to help push this awareness to promote unity among all.

Majority of women stop looking their best as soon as they get tied down in relationships and marriages - forgetting that it is a journey. Personal care , Hygiene, Makeups and healthy lifestyles are essential components that spice up relationships and marriages. Makeups brings out the hidden beauties in every woman. Ingredients in certain cosmetics, shower gels and  specific perfumes serves as aphrodisiac that connects people intimately but many are unaware and never use them.

Because my sister was fond of cosmetics, which are also used by most women worldwide, we decided to use cosmetics, beauty accessories, personal care and lifestyle modifications as means to raise awareness and bring out the beauty in women.

Queens, wear your cosmetic products and beauty accessories as reminders or symbols to say no to domestic violence. Cosmetic products brings out different shades of beauties that make women very attractive!

For individuals experiencing domestic violence and bullying during this difficult time, the Corona Virus Public Health situation can expose additional dangers. Safety and awareness are very important. Follow us on instagram: @kraftipop_cosmetics to learn about us.

We don't know success until we know him. We love you. In God we trust. Stay strong!!!

"Women are great artists. Give them couple of cosmetics and peep them come out a masterpiece ~ Krafti Pop Cosmetics"

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