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Krafti Pop Cosmetics: The Idea Behind It. Be Inspired!

Krafti Pop Cosmetics: Brand Story. The Idea Behind It. 

The advent of internet has made online shopping convenient and reliable. It is believed that online shopping will soon replace brick and mortar stores in our communities. Shopping malls will find it difficult to compete with this fast-growing trend in the future - unless they start offering free gift cards to retarget lukewarm customers whose eyes are glued to mobile and computer screens.

To be financially independent, one needs at least three sources of income. Running a sustainable online business requires trading in winning products that interest consumers. Identifying product niches is the golden nugget every digital entrepreneur craves for.

To maintain consistent cash flow is a lifestyle. It is not something you do once or twice and autopilot it for success. Like any other business, online stores also require updating inventories, responding to orders, customer service, bookkeeping, paying employees, etc. “Business, being a lifestyle is something you literally have to wear on your sleeves”...which is basically the slogan of this store's logo.

On average, most businesses fail within the first 5 years of being open, mainly because of inadequate budget, mismanagement, poor customer service and other deceptive means of scooping profits from customers. That said, get rich quick schemes does hurt start-up businesses in many ways. Therefore, to succeed in this digital age, it is advisable to keep the mission statement clear and stay true to customers. 

At Krafti Pop Cosmetics, we create value from formless substances and breathe life into them! We are creators who enjoy providing services to improve the life of our customers in numerous ways. We are not in competition with anyone out there. We understand the game of life, lived in different continents of the world and can see through our buyers. We exhibit professionalism because we believe in knowledge. Our customer reviews and criticisms are what we stand on to improve our services. We have long nurtured the mental attitude of gratitude, embrace life challenges and always in harmony with nature's inherent laws to serve our customers the best way we can. We believe in building solid foundations while planting smiles on the faces of our customers for repeat business. We grind and humbly serve like waitresses! It's the only way we know how!

We offer discounts on regular basis and deliver through fixed-price shipping. Why pay more when you can spend less with few clicks on our virtual platform? Our goal is to exceed your expectations and keep you as long-term customer.

The name Krafti Pop Cosmetics (, was coined from my elder sisters’ email address: Kraftina3 @yahoo dot com. Unfortunately, we lost her to domestic violence in 2017 – some months before I started Pharmacy school. I was devastated to lose a sweet sister at such a young age. She was extremely kind-hearted and loved by many. She left behind two adorable kids, a boy and a girl aged 7 and 5 respectively.


My sister, Phyllis Kafui, was fond of lipsticks - one of the featured products in this store: In memory of my dear sister and other innocent women we lost through such means, I am advocating for the safety of women worldwide. Wearing makeups and other beauty accessories helps upgrade feminine essence to a large extent. Makeup within this context can serve as a symbol to raise awareness on how delicate women are. No matter how strong a woman look on the surface, they should never be used as punching bag. The need to incorporate martial art for the well-being of women and as self-defense mechanism is a must nowadays. Women should be able to protect themselves when the need arises. Makeup is a form of subliminal feminine energy which brings out the beauty in every woman and also differentiates femininity from masculinity. A woman who feels safe enough and looked after enough is feminine in the most natural and charming way, momentarily carefree as she "lets her guard down", she is a happy woman, a sweet woman, a kind woman and perhaps most importantly to our humble species, an attractive woman. Women can save themselves a great deal by resurrecting their hidden feminine essence through the aphrodite power within cosmetics. It is totally fine if one cannot wear it because of religious reasons or health-related issues. It is not mandatory. However, one shared feature with domestic violence is that it cuts across every race and needs to be taken seriously. How many organizations out there are trying to educate men and women on the dangers of domestic violence? How many banner ads do we see daily raising such awareness?

The idea to launch Krafti Pop Cosmetics sprung from the comfort of my one-bedroom student apartment, off Deel Hill, fifteen minutes away from the popular Appalachian College of Pharmacy – in the city of Oakwood, a place where dreams come to reality. 

I had roughly two and a half months off from Pharmacy School and decided to dedicate my leisure time to do something completely different from the normal 9 a.m to 4 p.m classroom activities. For two straight years, my eyes were glued onto computer screens, navigating through 250-300 lecture slides a day, digesting brand and generic names of medications amongst other clinical and pharmacokinetics lessons. During this period, I was too focused on myself, studies, and never had the opportunity to do anything fun and creative.  

To fulfill my side hustle entrepreneurial passion, I decided to dive into product research, branding, and marketing before the next recession resurface. To overcome boredom, I was left with only a few options; to believe in myself, be creative, reach out to product manufacturers and trust in God's timing.

I gave every unfolded event a thorough thought, embraced the positive side of past discomforts, turned things around and proceeded as planned. My other services include creating ads and driving traffic with third party applications to reach potential customers - a bridge between suppliers and consumers.

I had this business mindset way back before I started Pharmacy School. However, being an accelerated program, it was not advisable to incorporate a business in my day-to-day activity. 

Sometimes the slightest things can change the directions of our lives. Moreover, I felt like there is no right time to do anything. If you want to do something meaningful, just do it. Do not seek validation from anyone. If you make mistakes, learn from them and carry on. 

I will suggest seeking informed decisions after gathering detailed facts about any feasible ideas. Ask for thoughts and feedback when your doubt knob is at a minimum.

All great ideas start small. Always listen to yourself. Be intuitive and guard your thoughts. No one will understand your mission unless they can visualize it through the exact same lens of your eyeballs. In the process of trying out other ways to supplement your income, it is better to be wrong while experimenting new ideas than follow the status quo. Learning from mistakes is the only way to grow up, embrace change and birth new inventions.

Take advantage of business ideas, no matter how small and savor the moments. Most chances only come once! Indeed, “life swivels and change directions on the strength of a chance remark” (Courtenay). 

As part of the marketing strategy, blogging is another way of driving traffic to landing pages. I will be posting written articles on this blog page, so come journey with me, get updates, and be inspired.

One thing I long for is God's guidance to bless my hands to become an inspirations to many. Giving back to the community has always been part of me.

Regardless of what happens, always remember to fulfill your inner purpose and unlock your "destinies". Life is not a race. Take your time. Be positive-minded in your approach and always keep it professional. 

To survive during uncanny eras, you must be creative, jump out of your comfort zone, have faith, work twice harder than the average man and leave the rest to God.

Ladies, please keep your lipsticks-lipglosses popping and let us come together and say no to domestic violence.

To my brothers out there, I understand sometimes we get overshadowed by our sisters, but no matter what, do not lay hands on a woman! It is never right!!! Men need to learn how to create environments where women feel safe enough to surrender. Pay attention to hormonal imbalance and stay calm when you notice sudden fluctuations in your partner's attitude. Women, learn to really understand what it means to be around a man." Building mutual respect and understanding is essential. To all and sundry, if things aren't working out after numerous mediation attempts, pocket all dramas, arguments, bedroom fist fights and sleep in separate rooms if need be. Sometimes, the separation tussle may take a little longer, especially when kids are involved. Relationships and marriages should be a spot to outshine your previous self and not a destination to curtail looking your best. Avoid that "comfort zone syndrome" at all cost. If your diet program is not working, change it. If you need to workout, do it. If you have to educate yourself to upgrade in other areas, push yourself to the limit. Start with yourself. Be the inspiration. Don't wait until the walls crumble before you start waking up. However, if the spark is totally gone, find a professional exit strategy through a lawyer and let peace prevail. Long live Krafti Pop Cosmetics and long live online shopping. Together we stand, divided we fall. Stay blessed! We appreciate all.

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Theophilus Ahiable-Addo 

Krafti Pop Cosmetics Team | Email:

Article Published Date: June 18, 2019

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