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Krafti Pop Cosmetics: Empowering And Bringing Out The Hidden Beauty In Women!

Krafti Pop Cosmetics | Empowering And Bringing Out The Hidden Beauty In Women!

The last time I glanced over my wristwatch, It was still in constant motion, gracefully tick-tocking forward. When I woke up this morning and rubbed the sleep from my eyes, I peeped through a hole in the bedroom curtain, only to find out that the sun is still at the exact same spot it was a fortnight ago - kinda lukewarm; unhurriedly gaining momentum to shine through the rest of the day. Regardless of uprising situations, good or bad, this sun rises daily, kisses the moon goodbyes in the evenings and re-surface at the crack of dawn to bless us with dozens of Vitamin D! None of these three characters (Time, Sun, Moon) waits for no man to impress them with two-piece suit before they jumpstart their daily duties. Neither do they give a hoot about tribulations or the changing seasons. They all wallow in their lanes providing important services to humanity all year round. Do they outsource anything to fulfill their functions? Do they wait for the deacon to strike the church bell to keep the world on its axis? Heck no! Don’t they make use of what they innately have to sparkle and receive credit for their excellent deeds? 

My Queens, why are you waiting for validation from others to express yourself magnificently? What’s holding you back? Who said you suck? Grandma, hubby, sugar daddy, or your ex-boyfriend? Forget them. They’ve all lost their bearings in life and don’t know what they were talking about. What do you have at your disposal to put those ideas or dreams of yours in motion? Have you considered starting with what you already have? Common phrases like...I am not talented...I am not educated...I am a shy Queen...I am not as pretty as Beyonce are long gone. New fashion trends, makeups, positive lifestyles bring out different shades of beauties in every woman (). Don’t rent a space for such weak phrases to occupy your mind.

Listen-up Queens, you have something within that nobody have. Ever questioned why your DNA sample isn’t 100% identical to anyone else. Even identical twins have slight variations in their genetic codes. Stop looking at your next-door neighbor. Stop comparing yourself to others; You are a different breed, a rare gem with incomparable beautiful features. Because someone came up with a certain style doesn’t mean you should necessarily do it the same way. If it falls within your scope, you can get away with that signature by simply adding your style to it. There is nothing new under the sun. Most successful people imitate ideas from others and improve upon them to serve the needs of customers in different niches. Likewise, you can also be the "disruptor" with good intents - one with generic ideas to help improve on weaknesses portrayed in other services. If you can’t spark yourself to do anything meaningful, it simply means you had sold your ignition key, which is your trust, to someone else. You gotta believe in yourself. Nobody said life was going to be easy. We are all bound to face troubles and trials - regardless of our status. Life challenges are meant to test our pulse and make us stronger. Embrace them but don’t let unexpected happenings and uncalled events disrupt your sense of direction. Regardless of how things turn out, you have to evolve as a winner. This life isn’t designed to pamper us. Be strong! Toughen up with the right mindset geared towards success! Ditch jealousy, focus on improving yourself, and empower other Queens along your journey.  If you fall face down, roll over, crawl slowly, recover and move on. Rise up regardless of any situation. Whether the storm is in your favor or against your plans, rise up Queens! Don’t settle for less. Those blind spot flames can easily burn you up if you ever compromise your faith for anything underserving.

Now, I mentioned the timepiece () to remind us of the tiny number of seconds we have in 24 hours to complete a task at hand. An admonition to speed up anything you are currently working on or any project you intend to bring to life. Pace or align yourself parallel with the sun if you are a morning person. If you are a night owl, the moon is your timekeeper. Take a break if need be but don’t ever give up. It is a lifelong learning curve.

Again don’t wait for anyone to give you the green light. Start working slowly on your dreams, fall 1000 times but do not back down until you can balance yourself on the bicycle of life. Yes! You got this! Carry on until your perfection skills outshine your pretty flaws. 
We Rise Because We Can | We Win Because We Understand That Losses Are Stepping Stones To Greater Heights. Stay strong!

Krafti Pop Queens! Rise!...Krafti Pop Queens! Rise Rise! ...Krafti Pop Queens! Rise Rise Rise!


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